Employee Benefit Statements for Small Businesses

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Our Hosted Solution allows you to securely process your reports over the Internet. This version adds the ability to include your company's logo, include non-quantifiable benefits, and customize report colors.

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The COMPackage total compensation statement software delivers the following features:

  • Most Easy-to-Use
    Easy-to-use directions. Intuitively created total compensation statement software. Simple-to-use set-up process

  • The World's First Self Service
    The world's first online on-demand total compensation report package known available

  • Over 60 Benefits and Employee Perks
    Over 60 benefit & perk listings to get you thinking

  • Over 12 Auto Calculators
    Over twelve auto calculators for use in the manual version of COMPackage to auto-fill government mandatories, insurance, timeoff benefits, plus a strategy to demonstrate per employee worker comp costs

  • Load Common Numbers for All
    Global default capability to populate any value common to many in your census, i.e. holiday bonus, free parking, staff lunches, etc.

  • Rerun Reports for FREE
    Only pay per employee, and only those you want to report. This total compensation statement software system allows you to rerun for free any number of total compensation reports throughout the 365 day subscription period (year-end, quarterly, monthly, reviews, etc.)

  • Includes the new Employee LOADER
    For small companies with employee data accessible by Excel, the COMPackage Employee LOADER allows you to easily import bulk employee data, simplifying the ability to create reports for a larger number of employees. monthly, reviews, etc.)