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For Insurance Agencies: a unique way to differentiate.

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Another Value-Added Way to Serve

In these turbulent times for Insurance Agencies, with the advent of the Healthcare Reform Act, here's another reason for customers to stick with you... that you also provide total compensation reports for their employees.

For one low annual price, COMPackage lets you provide real value-add to ALL of your clients.

Now you can offer total compensation reports to your clients. You can prepare the reports for them, optionally split the work with your clients, or you can let them run their own reports. You can even resell reports or the service to provide them, if you like.

A new way to approach clients

COMPackage's software allows you to offer your clients leading-edge total compensation reports for their employees - a service that is of high perceived (and actual!) value to your clients. Some insurance agencies will even lead with total compensation reports, as a way to get in the door with companies who are reluctant to meet with "just another insurance salesman."

All the features of COMPackage Total Compensation Reports... PLUS!

COMPackage's Total Compensation Reports Software for Insurance Agencies includes:

  1. Ability to:
    1. process reports for your clients, and/or
    2. work iteratively in tandem with your clients by creating client sublicenses, and/or
    3. provide the solution to your clients' as a sublicensee and let them process it themselves.
  2. "Foldering" capability, allowing you to maintain clients in separate files within the COMPackage structure.
  3. Ability to brand your agency name in the footer on your clients' total compensation reports.

Provide your clients with an unlimited number of employee benefit statements - no matter how many clients you have, and no matter how many total compensation reports are generated.

View a free demo of Total Compensation Reports.

View a sample compensation report.

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