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Compensation Statement Resources

Compensation statements are powerful tools that can help raise your workforce’s morale and boost productivity. We want you to get the most out of your employee compensation statements so your employees can see the real value they bring to your company. While some businesses use total compensation statements as a part of employee annual reviews, others use them for recruiting employees or year-end reports. Decide for yourself how compensation reports can provide the biggest benefit for your company after browsing through the following resources, then contact COMPackage today for a free demo of our employee benefit statement software.

7 Hidden Perks highlights how our total compensation reports can help your business. It identifies a few of the benefits employees may not realize they receive which amount to total compensation.

How Much Should Employers Spend on Benefits? This article provides employee benefits statistics and information designed to help employers more easily make the tough decisions about how to dole out employee benefits.

Refer a Friend by introducing COMPackage total compensation reporting software to friends and associates.

Glossary of frequently used terminology across the COMPackage site.

View a free demo of Total Compensation Reports.

View a sample compensation report.

See pricing of compensation reportsfor pricing.