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About Us

Helping Any Sized Business Communicate with Employees Using Total Compensation Statement Software Solutions

COMPackage is the vision of Joe Blattner who was convinced that employees and companies would benefit if everyone understood the true value of their total compensation packages. He believed that a full-featured, easy-to-use total compensation statement software solution could be provided in a way that allowed small businesses to provide Total Compensation Reports to their employees. Through this benefit statement software, mid-sized companies could avoid costly service provider fees and process all of the Total Compensation reports in-house in less than one day (vs. weeks or months). COMPackage is the realization of that vision.

Watch a demo of COMPackage’s total compensation statement software in action today.

COMPackage represents some of what Blattner learned about employee benefit reporting during a 30-year career, during which he founded Blattner Brunner, today the largest advertising agency in Pittsburgh. Blattner founded the company at age 19 and grew it to a 120-employee organization when he sold it in 2003.

One thing he carried away from his experience as a business owner, as well as what he learned from fellow entrepreneurs, was that while business owners understood the value of this total compensation statement software and wanted to distribute such reports, they historically found them too complex, time consuming and costly.

Blattner set out to identify processes and develop the technology to overcome certain obstacles and formed COMPackage to market the total compensation statement software solutions he discovered. Blattner has worked with some of the brightest Internet professionals at Carnegie Mellon University's Master of Information Systems Management Program, and others, to develop COMPackage.

Blattner Bruner

In 1974 at age 19 and with only $34.00, Joe Blattner started a business that today is the largest employing advertising agency in the Pittsburgh region.

In addition to COMPackage total compensation statements and employee benefit software management, Blattner consults medium sized companies on business, marketing and executive management issues, and in 2012 launched his 2nd Internet business endeavor:, that measures, certifies and communicates the level of a company's sustainable management at all of their locations.

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