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The World's FirstEasy-to-Use Total Compensation Statements

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Why Use Total Benefit Statements?

Cost of Employee Benefits.

How much should your company be spending?

Reducing Employee Turnover -

Showing employees their total benefits can make them think twice about moving to another company.

Pro Version For Agencies

Add value to your services by providing unlimited clients with an unlimited number of employee benefit statements for only $2,999/year.

COMPackage For Businesses

Small businesses can run employee benefit reports for as little as $6.30/employee. Large businesses can run unlimited reports for as little as $1,599/year.

Total Compensation
Statement Software

COMPackage software allows any company or agency to easily, securely and inexpensively generate total benefit statements. With over 80 company-paid benefits and perks to include in your reports, COMPackage covers total benefits paid to employees so you can show them what they really earn on top of their annual salary.

COMPackage total compensation statements help businesses clearly communicate to employees their benefit costs such as vacation time, laptop computers, education and entertainment, as well as health care and other standard benefits.

Small businesses can create reports for as little as $8/employee (up to 200 employees) and we offer unlimited reporting for larger companies and professional service agencies for only $2,599/year or a professional version for $2,999/year.

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If you’re like most business owners or HR Managers, you know that communicating with employees about their salary and benefits is always a touchy subject. It’s best to plan accordingly and ensure that the timing is appropriate. But when is a good time to tell employees what their salary, health benefits, sick time, vacation time, ...

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Product Reviews

  • COMPackage is an extremely easy software to use to create total wage/benefit statements. It is visually appealing and provides greater benefit and wage transparency for employees. We have used COMPackage for six or more years and we are happy to recommend the product.

    - Jodi Ovens

    Business Administrator & HR Manager, Housewright Construction, Newbury, Vermont

  • Brett BCompackage has given my small business a Professional look at a very affordable cost.

    - Brett B.

    Business Administrator & HR Manager, Housewright Construction, Newbury, Vermont

  • Jessica SchreaderCOMPackage is an awesome program that has exceeded our expectations. The fact that COMPackage is Web-based is terrific because the program is so accessible and easy to use.

    - Jessica Schreader

    HR, Vance Metal Fabricators, Geneva, NY

  • With COMPackage we have a detailed, big picture of the costs of employment at our company. COMPackage’s cost is a good deal and it is really user friendly.

    - Stephanie Iden

    Director of Human Resources, FBD Partnership, San Antonio, TX

  • Tiffani VizzaCOMPackage demonstrated that fringe benefits add 35% at the lowest paid workers and as high as 50% for some employees. The program certainly met our expectations.

    - Tiffani Vizza

    Treasurer, Napa Valley Petroleum, American Canyon, CA

  • Judy GrierWe found the COMPackage program easy to use and it met our expectations.

    - Judy Grier

    Human Resources Manager, Masco Retail Sales Support, Mooresville, NC

  • We are very happy with COMPackage. It’s an easy system to use and the tech staff is responsive and capable.

    - Becky Bertolasi

    Administrative Manager, La Monica Beverage, Loves Park, IL

  • We had no way to calculate the true cost of our fringe benefits until we found COMPackage. Their software allows us to show employees that their fringe benefits add up to an additional 42% to 52% to their annual compensation.

    - Becky Allen

    Bullard Manufacturing, Cynthiana, KY

  • COMPackage is very good, very easy to use. The TCR gave us a bigger picture, one that we had never seen before.

    - Bill Melang

    Owner, Ultratech Tool & Design, Fond du Lac, WI

  • COMPackage more than met our expectations and our employees liked the annual report. They saw information that they had never seen before.

    - Linda Collins

    Payroll Administration, DYWIDAG Systems, Worldwide

  • We like COMPackage because the program is easy to use and the technical staff is accessible and friendly. The program has met our expectations.

    - Carla Reed

    HR Administrator America’s Promise Alliance, Washington, D.C

  • Carmen DetherageCOMPackage gives us a much bigger picture of the cost of fringe benefits than we ever had before. It is a very good, easy to use program that exceeded our expectations.

    - Carmen Detherage

    Linville Management Service, Jacksonville, FL

  • I wanted to extend my appreciation for all your help as we created these compensation summaries. You epitomized great customer service, and will be one of the main reasons Riverdale Park returns next year to COMPackage for our next summaries. Well done!

    - Anthony Dubosee

    HR Director, Town of Riverdale Park, Riverdale Park, MD

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